As I mentioned before, if I could only pick one exercise to do, it would be the kettle bell swing. And of course, by swing, I mean what is more commonly referred to as the “Russian swing” or the hip hinge swing. I’m not a fan of the squat based swing with the knees flexing as this can create a lot more stress to your low back. The swing should never hurt your back!

Now that we’re past the holiday season, and many are starting to worry about the little extra gut, here’s some more motivation for you:

From the American Council on Exercise: “We know the kettlebell swing actually is the best fat loss movement there is.”

Kettlebell workouts: 20.2 calories per minute

Spin class: 9.8 calories/min

Traditional boot camp workouts: 9.9 calories per minute.

So go out there and swing those weights around! (correctly of course)